A few of my favorite things #1 – Rain

I am laying for hours with you. On a blanket, in the shade of a tree, both of us looking up at the sky. Your head is on my arm, we point out shapes in the clouds. Dinosaurs, a car, a face, a dog, a fish, an alligator, a tower, an ovenmitt, a dentist chair, a guy on a unicycle, an alien, a vase of flowers, a house… Smiles fill our faces and laughter fills our ears. Our laughter. Our hearts are full. Full of God revealed in nature, full of each other. Our closest friend next to you and next to me. We are. We lose all track of time. The clouds grow bigger and fuller. It begins to rain and then to pour. Next thing we know, we are jumping and running and leaping and dancing hand in hand as pure, cool water runs down our skin and soaks our clothes. Time stands still. Standing side by side, still holding one hand, fingers entwined, we raise our arms and look heavenward. Rain drops, drops, drops on our face. Little streams of water are running down our necks, chest, stomach, back and legs to the ground. Inhaling the smell of the rain is intoxicating. And everything is pure, and everything is whole, and we are complete.

Today, a future memory was made. One day, we will remember it as it happened, as it has been described.

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