A few of my favorite things #4

I sit in the driver’s seat of my pickup in the Tyler East parking lot listening to my favorite song. Other things are going on around me but my entire world at this moment is contained within the parameters of my vehicle. It is hot and the air is thick with East Texas humidity. The heat on my face reminds me of opening an oven door and putting my face in the escaping hot air. The crisp, clear voice of Michelle Branch exits the speakers very placidly while the subwoofer behind my seat pounds out the bass notes in the song. The two sources unite making the entire cab reverberate with the sounds of “Everywhere?. I lean back against the seat and feel the rough oleoresin seat cover against the bare skin of my arms sticking out through the arm holes of my sleeveless shirt. I can feel the subwoofer throbbing behind my seat. A cool drop of sweat trickles down my chest inside my shirt. I take a deep breath and smell the familiar smell of an older pickup. There is just a hint of vanilla car scent. I place my hands on the worn steering wheel and feel how the original factory texture has worn off around the edges until there is nothing but smooth polished plastic. I see how the dashboard has cracked and faded from many years of being in the sun. My eyes glance down at my CD player and gaze at it. The readout shows the seconds progressed into the selected track, and I am temporarily hypnotized by the part of the display that imitates a CD going around and around and around…

I love time with tunes in my truck.

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