To help me remember later

So I just had a dream and now I want to know what it means. Anne had a house up in Wyoming, and I went to visit her over Christmas break. I had homework to do, and I brought my truck. Her house had a huge door in the front, and she wanted me to park my truck in the living room. Once again, her house was very simplistic inside and very poorly lit but extremely warm when compared with the chilly, damp outside air. What little furniture there was was in a rather disorderly array and cluttered up in the corner along with disposable dishes littered on the floor. Lots of used disposable dishes. We were talking and having a good time even though her mind seemed to be elsewhere, we had made plans that afternoon to do some baking together. Then she got a call on her phone, and it was a friend wanting her to go to a movie with her. She told me I should come and told me that the movie was rated “R”. She said she didn’t want to go really, but she felt like she owed it to them because of a time they had done something for her in the past. I said that I would think about it but I really needed to get some homework done and at the moment I was very tired and needed a nap. When I laid down, there was music playing that didn’t really seem to fit the atmosphere of the house. I awoke with a start, and the house was completely empty, quiet, and dark. It was considerably cooler. I knew a couple of hours had passed, and figured that Anne had left to go to the movie with her friend. I needed to work on my homework, but soon found out that the electricity was out and saw that there were no streetlights on and knew it was out for the whole town. My computer’s battery was dead, but my truck was in the living room. I plugged my computer into my truck, turned its lights on and its radio and once again there was light and music. I put some food in my truck’s microwave to heat it up to eat. Then I put my coat on and I was warm again. I had just started to work on my paper when I heard a very loud sound. It sounded like a stampede. I didn’t know what it was and continued to work on my paper. But it just kept getting louder, and soon I got up to look out the window. It was raining like crazy. The rain was making the noise. In the parking lot, was Anne’s friend with the steering wheel turned all the way to the left and foot on the gas driving fast in circles. As the car screeched around in circles, it kept hitting the same mud puddle again and again. As hard as it was raining, the car’s windshield wipers weren’t on even though its lights were. The car kept driving in circle after circle, almost in a vengeful and angry manner, and it kind of freaked me out in my dream. If somebody had walked close to that car, they would have been run over shortly and then run over again because the car kept going in circles. Then I began to wonder where Anne was. I got a picture of her in my head. She was not with her friend. She was not even in the same town as me. She was in a bigger town with lots of lights. She was sitting in the backseat of her car between two very large, but not fat, solemn people wearing drab clothing. She was squished in between them, and I could tell that they were talking to her and giving her pointless advice. There was nobody in the front seat. Her car had skidded off into the ditch in the rain and was now sitting at a cockeyed angle diagonal to the road. I remember thinking that only about half the people I know were skilled enough drivers to drive her car out of the ditch without it having to be towed out. I remember thinking that I could easily drive out of the ditch. The last thing I noticed was that Anne was tremendously bundled up. Even though she was packed in between those people, she had a lot of thick clothes on and seemed very cold even though they were just wearing normal clothes. That was the end of the dream.

A weird thing about Anne’s friend and her house. Anne’s friend was a guy when he called on the phone and obviously looked like a girl when she was driving the car, but I knew that the friend was neither a guy nor a girl. It was like gender neutral or something. About her house. I drove my truck in just fine with room to spare, but when Anne left and I woke up, the door I drove my truck through had shrunk, and I wouldn’t have been able to get my truck outside without breaking the wall out around the door when I drove through and probably scratching my truck up.

And now I wrote my dream down so I won’t forget it and I can remember it later and try to figure it out. Yay, Lacy. 😛

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