acceptable boxes

Today was busy, relatively. I finally got to talk to my mom last night about Lauren and Anne. That was good. We stayed up till nearly 4 am. Then I slept till about 9:00 or so. I made myself a cheese omlette for breakfast, and it was really good. I had some homade rice and rasin cereal too. Then I went outside and started working on my cousin’s truck. Whoever had worked on it before me had over tightened the spark plugs, and I broke a wrench trying to get them off. Finally, patience and strength paid off, and I had all of them changed. I guess everything I worked on today was over tightened. Haha. I changed the oil on his truck. Then I had a bannana milkshake for lunch. Then my dad came home early because he left for work at 3:00 am. We worked together on my sister’s car trying to change the harmonic balancer, which was also over tightened. That was a pain in the neck. You are supposed to use an impact wrench, but it was way, way too tight. My dad is like, “unless you can figure something out, our only option is to buy a $400 tool special for the job.” I thought about it for a while and then kind of invented a thing to remove it consisting of a socket and 2 extensions, a screwdriver, two wrenches, a piece of pipe, a hammer, and a whole bunch of wire to hold it all into a strange shape. My invention looked really junky but kind of cool and the most important part is that it worked and we saved ourselves $400. We were able to get the balancer off and changed. I changed the oil while I was at it. Now Michelle’s car is as good as new. Then I took a nap cause I was exhausted. Then we ate burritos for supper and Stanley came over to join us. Then I took a nap again after supper, and now I am looking forward to talking to Anne. I am excited to hear how her day went.

Working on the harmonic balancer made me think of what I was doing the first time when it had issues. Anne and I had glowsticks and we were at the river with fishing line and going fishing with them. That was so much fun. I remember it was really muddy. Later that night, I climbed a statue on campus and hung Anne’s glowstick. It hung there until 2 days before the end of finals. I know because I checked every time I walked past it in the morning.

Yay! I get to see Grandpa tomorrow! And my dad and I are going to get our new pickups on Saturday.

So, in an effort to take this journal entry away from a history piece and turn it into something interesting, I have decided to write about a random topic. The first thing that comes to my minds is dog kennels.

So, here goes, all about dog kennels in the life of Mr. E:

The first time I saw a dog kennel was at my cousins house when I was about 6 maybe. We used it for a cage for human rabbits when we would play rabbit hunting. Whoever got caught, got stuck in the cage.
The funniest thing I ever did with a dog kennel was to my brother. He was feeling tough and being dumb cause he gets in those moods some times. So we were goofing around and laughing and shoving each other and acting like stupid cavemen like we do sometimes, and I stuffed him into a rather small dog kennel (no small feat because he is a big guy) and tipped it up so that it was sitting on its door and he couldn’t get out. When he tried to rock the kennel so that it was off the door so that he could open it and get out, he tipped it a little too far, and it rolled down a hill with him in it! We laughed about that one for a long time, cause when I was chasing after him to catch the kennel so he wouldn’t get hurt, I tripped over a cat and landed in a water tank and got a bunch of stinky, nasty moss and freezing cold water all over the front of me. Fortunately, he didn’t get hurt, just dizzy.
And now, for something serious. Dogs go into kennels. Why? Usually not so that they won’t run away, cause most dogs will stay with their owners. A lot of hotels will allow dogs if they are kenneled. Dogs are forced to give up some of their freedom to make themselves acceptable to society. They are put in a box or put on a leash to prevent the possibility of them bothering anybody. This freedom reducing device gives them more freedom because they can go places when other wise, they would have to stay home. Then I think about people. How many people are living in a box? How many people are not being themselves because they are afraid of not being accepted by society? God made people of all shapes, sizes and personalities, but fat people try to get skinny because it is more normal and accepted by society. Short people wish they were taller. Shy people wish they were more outgoing and loud, outgoing people sometimes wish they were more normal. People want to try to fit into this box that culture has defined, because otherwise they feel that they won’t be accepted. That is not right. I wish people felt like they had the freedom to be the person God created them to be. Its like all of the colors of the rainbow trying to be green or all of the spices in the spice rack trying to taste like salt. God made variety, and variety is beautiful. The most unique people are the most interesting. Everybody is unique if they will only let themselves be. But they try to be someway that they are not because society has defined that as normal and acceptable. I want to change society or at least the small portion where God stations me to where all people can feel free to be themselves and not feel like they have to look a certain way or think a certain way or act a certain way in order to be accepted. I want them to feel acceptable however they are and feel comfortable to be themselves.

And yeah, that was quite a rabbit trail coming from dog kennels. So I guess I’ll end it here.

#1 God’s immense Love for us shown so obviously and unashamedly
#2 Speaker’s on my laptop
#3 Anne, Anne, Anne
#4 finally getting to talk to my mom
#5 torque multiplying inventions

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