168 hours ago….

I woke up today at 8:00am with my phone ringing. It was Nikki, and she was calling me to see if her new phone worked. It did. So did mine. And it was entirely too early, so after chatting with her for a bit, I went back to sleep till nearly 11:00 am.

I know Christmas break has started because I did absolutely nothing productive this morning. I surfed the web and read up on the history of Chevy pickup trucks. It was super relaxing. Then we went to town to eat lunch with my dad at park hill, my favorite restaurant in the whole world. After that, we went to the thrift shop and I bought a couple of pairs of pants and a coat and a book for Anne. Then my grandpa came and so we all went to our house, and being really tired from a thoroughly exhausting day, I took a nap for an hour and a half. I was awakened by a suitcase being tossed on my head. It was my dad, and he didn’t see me snuggled under the blanket. It was time for me to wake up anyway. And then we made supper and it was really good. Then I read a readers digest and now we are sitting around in the living room reading books and such. Very nice and relaxing to be home. In a few days, I will be at my house in Colorado. I will be busy there. I’m gonna weld up a few live animal traps. So that my grandpa can catch the bobcat that keeps eating his chickens. I can hardly wait to be there. He and I were already starting to plan the menu for my time there. We know already that we want buffalo gravy, chicken noodle soup (I made up the best recipe in the world), and peach pie.

It seems strange. One week ago today at this time, I was holding Anne close to me. She was right there for me to enjoy all of her goodness, and now she is 1000 miles away. And I miss her really bad, and I’m glad for phones cause we can talk. I am looking forward to talking to her. I wish she could be here right now, or that I could be there, or that we could just be together. This is so hard. I am going to visit her quite frequently this summer when she is in Colorado. This is going to be a very long month. And it will be so good to see Anne again and just be close to her.

Gonna be busy tomorrow. Gonna go and pick up a flat bed trailer and do some more mechanic work. Good to make a buck. 🙂 I was just thinking of what I could really use. I could really use some more tools. I think that I am going to devote part of my paycheck to buying tools next semester. Starting with a new automatic welding hood, because mine is dying and I use it all the time.

Sometimes it seems like I spend money on unlasting things. I don’t feel bad when I spend money on other people, but what I am thinking about at the moment is food. Fast food is bad for me, and I buy a lot of it at school because I forget or choose not to pack a lunch. That is one thing of many that will change next semester. When I get inspired, I will make a list of things that I want to do next semester. Next semester is going to be awesome, and I am super excited for it. Many good things will come. God is so good to me, and He blesses me so much. I love Him. I am looking forward to reading the bible with Anne tonight.

#1 God smiling down on me
#2 jeans that fit for $2!
#3 I get to talk to Anne soon!
#4 Grandpa being here

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