You destroyed, you condemned.
You did not try to understand.
You destroyed, you condemned
Because you understood.
Because you couldn’t justify it in your mind.
Did I fall so you could fly?
Bleed for you to pass me by?
Scorn the tears for you I cried?
All the times I lifted you high.
You’re gone; I see through your lies.
I’ll destroy remaining ties.
Your love for me so small and weak.
Couldn’t stand on its own feet.
Lie, lie, lie again.
How many will believe?
How many will see through
And turn around and leave.
Don’t push me down
I won’t let you again.
I’m won’t stand on the edge for you.
Shove me, teach me how to fly.
Laugh, each feather plucked from my wings.
You wont again be satisfied
To watch me fall to the ground again
To be your equal again.
Both of us bleeding.
Because I was born to fly.
My feathers have regrown.
I’m flying away from all your words
Your arrow lies and fists.
What can you do now?
You just have an empty cage
Because my heart has flown away.
You don’t know it.
I know you didn’t want it.
But you’re the one who made me strong.
Thank you.

You wouldn’t recognize my heart now:

Better than a Thomas Kinkade.
Its huge but full
Basking in the sunlight.
Lemonade, can you taste the sunlight?
Feeling of warmth throughout:
The presence of God.
A pantry full of garden food to share.
Sounds of peace and Love and laughter.
And lighthearted singing.
And music that sounds like love and never ceases.
Smells of a house become a home
Joy smiles back on every wall.
Sight proves through each lovely mirror.
Rich, deep beautiful wood trim
Colors to match and tapestries.
Bookcases full of life and memories.
Window prisms unlock rainbows.
Every chair is made for two.
Lamps and candles await the dusk.
And a fireplace sleeps to wake with winter.

In less than a month,
I’ll throw out the last pieces of your ugly furniture
From my house. To be burned.
A swing in the middle will take their place.
And I’ll bleach the very floor where they sat as a final goodbye.
Because you’re not welcome here.

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2 Responses to evicted

  1. You’re not romancing anyone’s princess but your own.Just sayin.

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