So, today, we had Christmas. There is supposed to be a blizzard coming in tonight. My dad has the day off tomorrow. Today, I put snow chains on my dad’s pickup and got all the vehicles ready for the impending snow. I made a bonfire outside for a few hours and burnt some branches. My mom and I took the tractor and got all the animals stocked up on feed so that we won’t have to do so much if we get 4 foot drifts. We’ll see what the weather brings.

Christmas was fun, we had the traditional enchiladas. After supper, the dogs got their enchiladas and then we went into the living room to read Luke 2. Then we all opened presents. This year has been quite useful. I got a flashlight, a thermos, a set of wrenches, and a pair of camouflage pants.

I was just thinking about what Christmas is about. I don’t associate our holiday with the birth of Jesus very much. I don’t think that is a bad thing, but it seems kinda weird now that I think about it. What I like the most about the Christmas holiday is the family time. I love spending time with my family. I love the snow and all the beautiful lights. I like the smells so much. They are great. I love giving things to people even though most people’s presents are going to be late from me. Haha.

Dang, I miss Anne. I was just thinking about how much fun it would be to be snowed in with her. I love getting to talk to her on the phone every night, but it is not enough. I can’t wait to see her again and to spend time with her. Yes, I have said it before that I like having things to look forward to, but in this case, the anticipation is killing me. This has been a very long break, and it seems like such a long time till I get to see her again. I can’t hardly wait to hug her and hold her close and just have her be near me. To have her over to my house and cook with her and know that she is in the same room with me. To walk over to the duck pond with her and to hold her hand or hook arms. To sit across from her at a restaurant and listen to her talk to me. To look into her eyes and know that she’s the one and this is it. To sit beside her and read the bible together. To sit facing her and hold her hands and pray together. To have her rest her head on my shoulder and to be so grateful to God that He put her in my life and brought us together. I love everything about her. She makes me smile so much. My heart goes funny when I think about her. It beats a little bit harder and a little bit faster. And in not very long I will be smiling again because I get to hear her voice on the phone. Yay! 🙂

And I feel encouraged too. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why I was dealing with lust so much. I was looking back over the days here and thinking about what days it was really a struggle and what days it was not an issue, and I found a common denominator. The more exercise I had, the less of a problem it was. I had a few days where I was busy but sedentary, and those were the worst days. The more exercise I get, the better. I guess exercise redirects energy elsewhere, so I am going to be intentionally exercising a lot more because I want my thoughts to be pleasing to God. Whew! That is a load off of my mind because that was really bothering me.

God, draw me near to You. While I am here at home, help me to be a blessing to my family and the people around me. You are amazing, and I want You to know that I love You so much. Thank You for Loving me first. Thank You for being my God. You are too good to me, and I can’t get enough of You.

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