A future farewell

Destroy it. That’s what I want to do so much. That has been one thing on my mind all day today. I have been planning exactly how to do so. With the pot, I used a sledge hammer, pick, and a chunk of concrete. Permanently gone. I can’t wait to get back to texas and finish the job.

Lauren’s stuff. The few letters I have from her and also the ones from her mom. They will be ripped up and burned. The duck will be placed in front of the wheel of my truck and then I will peel out on it. The blue and white checked shirt will be placed on the ground where I will stab it with my sheath knife and then rip it in half with my hands. The flannel shirt will be cut into strips. I will lay down the pajama bottoms on the ground and chop them up with my machete. I will burn off our conversations on a cd and then scrape the cd on the asphalt until it is beyond recognition. I will delete every available file off my computer and backup files. I will delete every message from my inbox. My ring will be melted down and made into something beautiful and then given to somebody who I will never see again. The blue shirt will be used to clean the filthy oil off the engine of my truck and chucked in the heap. All those boxer shorts you bought me to wear, you pervert, will be ripped to shreds with my hands with much pleasure. All this garbage will be put in a garbage bag for Anne to dispose of. Because she is taking your place. Big time! And I don’t even want to be remotely affiliated with you. I can’t wait to get the last scrap of yours out of my life.

Then guess what, I am going to celebrate. Anne and I are going out to eat. I am going to kiss her on the forehead. Because as you are permanently gone, she has permanent residence.

The clock is ticking

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One Response to A future farewell

  1. I want to bake you a cakeBuy you a presentFix you a drinkAnd propose a toast to how. freaking. amazing. this is.

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