Some things I’ll never cease to appreciate:

The sun always warm on my back.
The way cool sheets feel to my bare legs.
Shadow puppet shows.
The way the water feels in the shower as it saturates my hair.
The way my dad’s breaths always whistle through his nose when he is content.
The sound of my mom’s voice on the phone.
The thickness of Anne’s hands and ribcage.
The peace and darkness of night.
Cooking for other people.
The feel of maltomeal lumps in my mouth.
Watching the progress of vegetables grow in the garden.
Feeling the edge of a feather.
Putting on a pair of warm socks from the dryer.
How effortlessly a deer can glide over a six foot fence.
The way a cat’s backbone feels through its fur.
Eating an entire apple while it is still on the tree.
The way my fingers tingle in cold weather gear
The way ducks walk.
Remote control cars.
The way the boundary feels on my skin between water and air.
Being proud of someone.
The way I used to think that hiking up my pants before doing something made me feel more likely to succeed. I don’t believe that anymore, but I still do it.
Water fights.
The sound of my cousin Stanley’s laugh
Unknown depth.
The knowledge that the human heart stops when they sneeze.
Watching bicycle chain run over the sprockets.
The smell of the rain.
Home made anything (not just food).
Feeling a raindrop splash against my skin.
Music that I can feel in my lungs.
The falling feeling that comes just before I fall asleep.
The sound my truck makes when it first starts on a cold morning.
An unprovoked smile.
The taste of cool water when I’m thirsty.
Long hot showers.
Knowing that Paul Harvey is a liar.
Dreams about flying.
Shapes in the clouds.
Laying flat on the ground, smelling the earth, and feeling the coolness.
Watching the sunset.
Scented candles.
The way bar soap feels when I dig my fingernails into it.
Sitting in front of a furnace on a cold morning.
The usefulness of elbows.
The sound of the wind blowing through the trees.
The magic feeling that comes from holding hands.
Closing my eyes and breathing deeply.
A cow’s contented breathing.
The sound of a heartbeat.
The taste of lime juice.
The ticking sound an engine makes when it is cooling off.
Wheat flour.
The feeling of a cow’s warm udder when milking on a cold morning.
Uniqueness of individuals.
Getting lost in prayer.
The softness of the skin and hair behind Anne’s head.
Sitting on my mom’s lap.
Stars and constellations.
Laughing so hard I fall down.

And I can’t help but smile. Where’s my chapstick? Hey, I actually remembered it! 🙂 God is too good to me.

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