calorie bonfire

Well, I think I am officially stir crazy. I guess I feel the same way I used to when Grandma and Grandpa would go get cancer treatments at Colorado Springs. They would sometimes be gone for a month at a time. I hated being alone. I have my family here, but I want to be in TX. It has seemed like an eternity, these past couple of weeks, and I have 2 more weeks to go. I can make it.

So, today, I did a lot of exercise I guess. I did pushups for such a long time that my arms still feel kinda like rubber. I did other exercises and then I walked/ran for 5 miles. Gotta burn off my energy somehow. Make sure it don’t get me in trouble. I hope I sleep good tonight because I haven’t been having good dreams for the past couple of days.

And I miss Anne. Really bad. I hope things are going well for her. She is spending time with her family, and I am glad that she gets to, but I miss our time together. *sigh*

God, I know I probably don’t sound too happy right now. I’m sorry for that. I feel so fickle because I seem to get discontented so easily. Help me to maintain an attitude that pleases you and reflects my gratitude for your sacrifice. It’s hard. I feel like I’m in an in-between stage. Please help me to move past this. I love You, Lord. Thank You for loving me first.

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