Back in TX

Today I cleaned my room. It is probably dirtier looking than it was before I started cleaning, but it now has a lot less junk in it. Kind of like life, I guess. Once you start digging up your problems and actually dealing with them rather than glossing over the surface, suddenly you don’t seem so well put together on the outside. Well, my room has a lot less junk in it, and I love that because now there is room for things that I actually want in there, but at the moment, it looks dirtier on the outside.

Aaand I semi- started the health binge today. The real thing starts on Friday. Its going to be so good. I am currently doing a mini-detox, and loving it. I gotta think this thing through for when Anne and I do it. Gotta have a more thought out plan than I do.

And in other news, I freaking get to see my Anne tomorrow! I am so excited! This month seemed so long while I was enduring it. Now, looking back, it seems so short. Tomorrow, at this time, I will be holding her close with endorphins flooding my system as I listen to her precious beating heart. It’s so good to know that we fit. She’s the only one who could fit me. God is truly the master planner. It’s just too good. And soon, we will be whole again.

And Lauren is coming back this semester. I thought she was leaving for good and I wouldn’t have to deal with her again. At least I am ready for it. I just hope she don’t start a bunch of talking behind my back again. But if she does, oh well. That is one thing that I am a firm believer in is that the truth will be revealed ultimately. So, ultimately, I don’t have anything to worry about, but in the meantime, it could get rough. I dearly hope not. I see the potential for problems, because I know that she is going to want to talk to me and to find out all about what’s going on in my life. I am convinced that if it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t be even coming here again at all. I have decided what I am going to do. Be cordial and polite, but don’t participate in any part of the conversation she tries to start. All I have to do is walk around a trap and not get caught in it. Sounds easy enough. God, please help me to act in a wise way and in a way that pleases You.

I do, however, get the feeling that I am going to have trouble sleeping for a couple of weeks. That sometimes happens when I change locations. Speaking of which, I better go to bed because I don’t want to be dead for church or when Anne is here.

Yay! Super excited! 🙂

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