A healthy picnic

I have pretty much done all the homework I can do for the moment. It feels good to get everything done, and kind of weird to not have something hanging over me. Some looming assignment that I will get in by the skin of my teeth. I think I like it.

Meria has been a part of 75% of the serious or memorable conversations that I have had in some way or another. I loved that Anne and I talked sitting on her tailgate last night. Meria has become a meeting place of sorts. A land mark. I like that. 🙂

Today is my first day of welding for the semester. I am super excited. I love my job.

I started lifting weights this morning. I did it all summer, and it felt so good. Then I quit last semester because it was so busy. Starting back up again today was great. Summer was easy to train because I had a goal in mind. Riding Crankenstine up Mount Evans. I anticipate this semester being easy to train too because I was just thinking the other day, I do have a goal. I hadn’t considered it before, but I am taking Crankenstine on an 800 mile bicycle tour this summer across the state of Kansas and Missouri. So I better be in shape. I think I am going to ride Crankenstine to school sometimes.

And Anne is just super. I am going to keep that girl. We had a picnic in my room last night. I love doing things with her and sitting beside her and holding her hand and talking with her and eating with her and laughing with her. Hopefully, we can read the bible together today. And get rid of our stuff soon. I have been waiting to get rid of mine because I want to do it with her together.

Hmmm… I’m here in the Library right now. I just saw Lauren. She came in and went looking around the library. Walking around just looking down all the isles until she saw me. I looked away and pretended like I didn’t see her. Then she left. She must have saw my bike outside. She had dyed here hair blondish. I wonder if she did that because she remembered I used to have a thing for blond hair and brown eyes. I have to admit that my heart did start pounding a bit, but I’m not as nervous as I could be. And she’s gone now.

Anyway, back to Anne. Last night, after she left, I was going over how well she met and exceeded my list. Someday, I am going to write the details of the list, not just the 4 main bullet points and write down how she meets them and surpasses them. God made her exactly for me. It’s like my truck. Made exactly how I want it. Another one like it doesn’t exist. Anne is the only one, too. I could build another truck, but God is the only one who can make people. And she is perfect for me. I hope I fit her that well.

And God, You’re amazing. This semester is turning out great. I feel strong and useful. Please use me. You amazed me last semester with how much You blessed me and how much You made me grow and too with how much You used me. I can’t thank You enough. But I want to ask You to please use me again. I want so much to be Your tool. Please let others experience a taste of Your love through me. I am completely Yours, and all I want is to be completely involved in doing the task You have for me. In my eagerness and anticipation, God, don’t let that get in the way to where it distracts from You. Your glory is my desire. Let me be a testament to how marvelous You are. I am Yours and I am so willing. Please don’t let me miss an opportunity. Oh, and I love You is not enough.

#1 You
#2 Anne
#3 Michelle
#4 Allen
#5 Nicole

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