Get midieval

I just finished destroying Lauren’s cards to me. Funny, there were several more than I remembered. I thought she had sent me only 3, but there were seven cards from her and about 10 from her mom. I thought about reading through them before getting rid of them, but I decided against it. I don’t need that stuff floating around in my head. Lauren never wrote me an angry letter on paper. I got more angry emails than I could count, but all of the cards she sent me were encouraging and nice. When I got a card from her, I wondered why it was that way and if she did that as a safety measure in case anybody else would happen to pick it up and read it.

Before I destroyed them, I had this feeling like I was destroying evidence of something gone terribly wrong. I was going to use a machete. That did not work at all. It just folded the cards around the machete without cutting or tearing them at all. It was kind of freaky actually. Like they wouldn’t die. No matter how hard I chopped. Fortunately, I had my mace in the back of my truck. It did the job quite satisfactorily besides grinding them into the ground. The surface of the ground was dry and hard, but underneath was a bunch of wet and stinky clay/mud. The tattered pieces of the cards and envelopes were soon ground into the mud. Then I scooped it out, mud and all and chucked it into the dumpster. Now there is a pit in the ground where I chopped them up. And I feel lighter, somehow.

I know what is going next. My bottle of foundation. I probably better put safety glasses on.

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