The figure 8

It was good to spend Anne’s birthday with her. I’m really glad she got the chair she wanted. And I’m glad she is back here where she belongs and she can grow and thrive. She is super, and the more I am around CP, the more I am sure he is jealous. I like the guy, don’t get me wrong, but what he did was stupid and hurtful, and I don’t like that. He has reason to be jealous, because he traded her for an afternoon with someone else. That is nearly unbelievable to me, but I am glad it happened because this is good and right.

And then there is Heartlight. I am so excited about that. I will be there this semester. That has been a dream for such a long time.

I was thinking about our land back home. There has been this one piece of land that I have always really liked in our pasture. It is not too big, only 80 acres, but it is my favorite piece of all the 3000 acres our farm consists of. And it hit me today. The reason I like that particular piece in particular is because I helped to buy it in a way. We harvested grass seed to buy that land. It was a surprise crop. It was just growing in one of our empty pastures and some visiting person asked us where we sold our grass seed. We didn’t know what he was talking about. “yeah” he said, “grass seed is at an all time high and I see you have a huge crop of it growing out there.” So we did some research and figured out where to sell it and when and how to harvest it. It is quite a labor intensive crop, at least the harvesting of it is. So my brother and I were out in the pasture for a couple of weeks with an axe and a pitchfork chopping out and removing every plant that was not the side-oats grass we wanted. Then my grandpa and I spent another week inventing homade parts for our combine to make it capable of harvesting grass seed. Then a few more days were spent preparing a spot of ground on which to store and dry the harvested seed. There was so much preparation. Then finally the harvest came and we worked like crazy people for 3 long days bringing it in. It was hard, hot, itchy, and demanding work. The harvested see had to be stirred every few hours to keep it from overheating. We had to get up in the middle of the night to go and stir these huge piles of it that were bigger than a house, volume wise. Every time you dealt with the seed, you had to wear a breathing mask, goggles for eye protection and ear plugs. But we got it all done and dried and bagged. Then we loaded the truck with the bags and drove them half way across the state of Kansas to sell them. It was great. All that hard work paid off. We sold several thousand pounds of grass seed at $10 a pound. We had our eye on this particular piece of ground for the past decade, but couldn’t justify buying it because it was quite overpriced. Now, with the extra money from an unexpected crop, we could buy it. It has been one of the best investments we have ever made. Our land is shaped like a figure 8 and this particular piece of ground makes up the center of the 8. So it connected the two parts of our farm and made it whole. To this day, it’s my favorite spot on our farm.

#1 God’s grace and blessings
#2 Anne
#3 A fun walk with Michelle
#4 Wholesome food

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