Being Healthy

So, this health thing I am doing is great. Not eating anything bad for me. I love it. It makes me feel really good and to be alert. I don’t seem to require as much sleep, which makes sense since I am eating foods with much fewer free radicals, therefore the food is damaging my body less thus requiring less recovery time. I really like that.

But then again, I really want taco bell. And I know how eating the food will make me feel, not really bad, but not necessarily good either. It is like neutral more or less. I like eating fruits, vegetables, and nuts, because they are really good for me. Taco bell and most of the other food we eat is just there. It doesn’t really do you too much harm, but it doesn’t do you too much good either. But to bite into a warm, crunchy taco filled with cool crisp lettuce and juicy meat sounds simply delightful. To have tangy, spicy cheese mixed with beans and rice all wrapped in a flour tortilla. My mouth is watering. So, I have decided my next cheat will be in a week after this cheat. I went for 2 weeks, and Sunday, will be the first time I will eat something “unhealthy”. Baked spaghetti that Anne is making and I can’t wait. And then another week of being good to myself, and then I will eat taco bell. Then another week of being good to myself and I will eat Jalapeno tree with Anne again to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of breaking up with Lauren. And in the mean time, I will keep eating food that makes me thrive. Because I was made to be healthy, and it feels good to be healthy.

I remember the first time I did a detox. It was good and I was so glad I did it. It was unbelievable how noticeably different I felt. I felt rejuvenated.

I have been lifting weights too. A couple of guys were in the weight room with me this morning, and they came up to me and were like “your work out’s beastly, man.” Made me laugh. So then we got to talking. Turns out one of them’s room mate was in my welding class and the other one was in a bible class I took a while ago. But lifting weights has been good. Since I hadn’t done it at all for an entire semester, I was unsure of where I would be since I left off over the summer. Well, I picked up where I left off. It was like I hadn’t lost any strength or endurance, and infact gained some, which I thought was weird since I hadn’t done anything really demanding for several months.

hmmm… smile. 🙂

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