true Love

I am seeing more and more how much this psychology is a business. I like this Basic Counseling Skills class less and less. They say they care, but the professional practices really are all about the money. They are too structured. I am not sure I like all that I am learning. There are specific questions you are supposed to ask and specific responses and attitudes you are supposed to have. I hate that. It is so unnatural. Whatever happened to just loving people? I am not sure how much I like how this class is rubbing off on me. Now that I see it, though, I can resist it. Love, in its pure and unadulterated form is the answer for everything. I am praying that I can love like Jesus loved, without the taint of “worldly wisdom”. He is my role model.

Dr. Rpsychologist seriously charges her clients for everything. If they call her on her phone, she seriously charges them a dollar a minute. She has a sliding scale fee that she basically charges everybody how much they can afford. So much paperwork, and she follows the book to the letter. I really don’t like legalistic nonsense. And I don’t think she is a bad person, but knowing what I know about her and the way she operates, I would never want to be her client. Because she doesn’t care. It’s not in her.

The way Jesus did it was right. He took things as they came without having a treatment plan ahead of time. He didn’t have any theory that He followed. He just let the tremendous Love inside of Him lead Him. All He did was to Love people. He showed that Love naturally without having a limiting structure. He didn’t have a checklist to make sure He went through all the appropriate steps. He saw needs and He met them. While He went to people, many people came to Him. They sought Him out. Like the woman who had been bleeding inside for all those years. She sought Him out to just be near enough to touch His coat. All she did was reach out and she was healed. That’s all she had to do. She didn’t have to go through weeks of therapy.

Every time I read that story, yeah, she was bleeding internally. But I can’t help but think that her illness was symbolic of something much bigger inside of her that had been eating away at her for all those years. But His power was already there just waiting for her to take advantage of it. All she did was reach out to Him, and she was healed. How cool is that?

That is something only God could do.

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