Did you know…

That my air mattress is still aired up in the hopes that you will stay over soon again?
That I brush my teeth when I know I am getting ready to spend time with you in case we get to kiss?
That I put just a teensey tiny squirt of deodorant on if I know I am going to be seeing you?
That I sometimes fall asleep holding on to the hat you gave me?
That it is really difficult to listen to your music without you there because it makes me miss you too bad?
That I now have 3 pieces of string that I keep because they smell like you.?
That you are in nearly every dream I have?
That you are without contest the most beautiful girl I have ever seen?
That I have a green bow on my dresser that I haven’t touched since you put it there in December?
That I look at you during chapel from my prime vantage point as much as I look at the speaker? (creepy! haha)
That it is extremely frustrating for me that I can’t yet very well recognize your writing?
That I frequently fall asleep hugging my pillow pretending it is you?
That my life is twice as good because God put you in it?
That you in the car beside me is one of my favorite things?
That I love you much more than I have ever loved any other human and it grows daily?

Well, now you know.

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