This is it

This is how it is going to be. I am going to drop you off at the airport a week from today. I will drive away and sleep somewhere on the side of the road in Oklahoma. You will go home and work in the tire store. Then you go to Focus and I go on a bike tour and trip to Canada. When I get back, I will visit you often. Finally, we will have our road trip. I am so excited to meet your parents. I am pumped about getting to be with you for an extended period of time, sleeping in the same room with you every night and doing all these fun things together. Seeing the countryside. This will be the best vacation ever and it will be spent with my best friend.

Then school will start up. School will be a little tighter financially than it has been this year, but not enough to make me suffer, just enough to make me put a little more effort into my budget. It will be mostly the same for us save us both growing more and growing closer together. As we come upon each others particular little quirks, there will be bumps just like always as we figure each other out. But we always get past it. We always do and we always will.

Hmmm… You’re getting engaged soon. I wonder who to? I already know how I am going to ask you. I can’t wait to make you mine.

Another school year while I am working at heartlight or otherwise. And then, guess what? We will be joined together. We’ll say our vows and know that this is it. And we will live together forever and ever and God will use us to bless each other and so many other people’s lives. Live in a bus, build a house, start a community where people can come to rest, be restored, get back on their feet again, and be made whole. And we’ll grow old together.

This is more than a dream. It is a reality that hasn’t played out yet.

This is it.

I love you more than any other human.
I am going to live 5 years longer because of you.
You are good for my heart.
Nobody could take your place in my life.
You are healing.
You love me better than I deserve.
God created us for each other.
Bumps will come and go, but we will be together forever.

And I can’t wait to see you again today!

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