I am finished with this. You are the only thing that I’m sure is for sure. You’re right there in front of me begging me to come along, and I gladly follow. I can’t get close enough to You. Why do things that don’t matter, matter? You’re all that matters. Just me and You. I’m glad You’re so good because I love jumping and falling into You. I’m glad You’re so reliable because I never have to doubt whether or not You will catch me. With You is the only place I can rest. You’re always there. Thank You for that. The future is not so big when I’m riding on Your shoulders. It’s all part of Your plan. I can’t see it, but I’m ready to embrace it whatever it is. When I embrace Your plans, I embrace You.

I’m thinking about this upcoming school year. My last semester. I want so badly to be a blessing to the people of LeTourneau. I want so badly for You to use me. You are beautiful, and everything You do is beautiful. You’re lovely!

I’m thinking about Canada. What have You been telling me? Its not the Cree where You mostly intend to use me but the team. What have You got in store? What have You got up Your sleeve?

I’m thinking about Millie. Guide us. Let us never step out of Your will. You know how much I miss her. You know how much I want to be with her. Time is grinding so, so slowly by. I seriously don’t want to learn patience. But if that is what You want me to learn, then You are doing a bang up job of it. Thank You for putting her where she is.

I’m thinking about Tanner. Thank You for giving him Hannah.

My relationship with You. All that I’m living for. All that I’m dying for. All I can’t ignore. Alone at night I can feel You beside me. All around me. Taking my darkness and overruling it with Your light. This passions burns inside of me for more of You. In my humanity, I can only have so much. I can only handle so much of Your amazing Awesomeness. Love. The most powerful thing. Your love. LOVE. Foundational. And I’m sorry for all the times I’ve showed another of Your creatures some of my selfish “love”. Become greater in me. Because all I want is YOU. Use me, please.

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