Canada is coming. I am super excited. I know exactly what I am supposed to do there. That is my favorite thing. Having things cut and dried is really nice sometimes although at times I like spontaneity.

I am super bummed that Jenna is not coming, though. We had so much fun together a couple of years ago. Oh well.

We did something really cool at the beginning of the trip. Jenna and I and Emily and Will sat around a card table and told about the things in our lives that we were struggling with the most and then we took turns praying for each other. It was good to open up and be vulnerable with somebody and know that you could trust them not to judge or hurt you. I had a lot of pain I was dealing with concerning Jessie, and I poured my heart out. Something huge always happens in my life when I go to Canada. I’m excited to see what it is this year. God always has amazing things in store.

And I am setting records this summer with Millie. The longest we have previously been apart was a month over Christmas. The longest we have previously gone without talking to each other is 4 days. Both of those will be shattered this summer.

Going to Canada is like stepping into a different world. No technology. No radio. No MP3 players allowed. No cell phones allowed. Complete cutoff from the people you normally hang out with. Apart from Tanner and Hannah, I haven’t seen any of the people who will be going for 2 years.

Jamie – had a thing for my brother and treated me kind of snobby until she took the time to get to know me and then she thought I was really nice if not a little weird. We played a good joke on her while she was in the shower. We hollered through the double doors to the bathroom and she thought we were in the bathroom with her and freaked out. She wanted a boyfriend really bad and she thought Tanner was something. She and I messed with each other all the time and I felt safe doing that because she wasn’t interested in me because she was so hung up on Tanner. She snapped me with a towel and nearly killed me one night, so I ran over her with a wheelchair the next day. It was back and forth like that the whole time and it was great fun. I get to see her again! 🙂

Sharaya – skinny little Sharaya. Thought I was creepy until she got to know me which was like over a week into the thing. Then we got along great. I became her bodyguard of choice. There are very few guys that go on the trip and a lot of girls. There will be just me and my brother this year. Last year, it was Will and my brother. The Natives guys will molest or rape a girl on her own. It happens all the time up there which is why most of the native girls are pregnant. They especially like fair skinned American girls. The native girls will beat up an American girl on her own. So any time a girl goes somewhere, she has to take a guy with her to play bodyguard. Jamie is as tall as me and stout and she would give somebody a run for their money, but Sharaya wouldn’t last long at all. Sharaya is not coming this year. 😦

Emily – My best bud the first year. The next year, she got the dirtiest mind in the world and talked about it all the time. So I pretty much avoided her because I didn’t like my every comment to be turned into something pervertedly sexual. She found one of the Canadian girls to talk nasty with and make gross jokes with and those two hung out all the time. She’s not coming this year.

Jenna! – Aww man, I am so bummed that she is not coming. She made the best team mate. We would fix breakfast for the crew, run classes together, and when the day was over, we hung out all the time and did everything together. We talked on the phone a fair amount after the trip was over, but neither of us are good at phone conversations. And now she has a stupid job and can’t come and I am SO COMPLETELY BUMMED! Two years of waiting and now she can’t come! Darn! She is coming to see me, though when we leave, so at least I will get to see her for a couple of hours, but still. Oh well.

Adrienne – She is one of those people you think is stuck up until you get to know them. It took me getting to know Jamie to get to know Adrienne since they were best friends. She instantly made friends with me when she gave me a bag of my absolutely favoritest kind of tea and her and I sat in a corner of the gymnasium together and drank tea and talked until 4 AM. I found out that she thought the same thing about me being stuck up or something and had been trying to think of ways to break down the wall. She was super sweet. I thought the tea was so good that I ate the tea bag after I drank the tea. Bad idea, violent laxative. I thought I was gonna turn inside out and die the next day. I get to see Adrienne again! Woot!

Ellen – Emily’s younger sister. She reminds me so much of Megan that I rode with on vacation. Ultra practical with no imagination, but very down to earth. She is super fun to hang out with and a very good cook. Her and I love cooking together. I got to hang out with her and me and her dad on their farm for a couple of days last time and it was great. And I get to see her again. And I think she might end up being somebody I try to get close to. She and her boyfriend broke up and from what I hear, she has been having a bit of a rough time. And I get to see her tomorrow! Woot!

Will – a big tough kid. Farm boy as big as and as strong as my brother. Not very mature, but then again not too old. We had a wrestling match and I accidentally hurt his arm and we hand another one later and I accidentally hurt his neck and we decided that we would root for each other instead of wrestling each other. Will is not coming. 😦

Brianna Giles– Wants to be a rockstar so bad that she can’t hardly stand it. She dresses like it. Her and I stayed up from 9-1pm every night for a week just talking about life. She is great fun. She processes things so differently. She locked me in the bathroom, but I broke out so I locked her in the bathroom and did a lot better job of it because I piled a stack of furniture 20 feet long and 10 feet high and 10 feet wide in front of the door and set up a mirror so that she could see out the tiny window of the bathroom and see how big of a pile she had. She was worried about missing supper, so I got a couple of plates of food and sat on the stair case beside the window and handed her her supper and we ate and laughed and she soaked all my extra underwear the next day so I had to wear soppy wet underwear all day. She is coming again and I can’t wait!

Mandy Giles – I had an inkling that she had a crush on me but her sister told me she didn’t. She followed me everywhere and laughed at everything I said and always tried to sit beside me. We became the best of buds and hung out all the time together. She thought I was the funniest person in the world, so I would do stuff all the time to make her laugh more. We had a bet that I could make her wet her pants. We teamed up together to play practical jokes on other members of the crew. We mopped a floor together at 2 in the morning. Her and I didn’t really talk a lot, at least not deep conversation, but then we did and we had plenty of time to because it takes 2 people a very long time to mop a dirt covered gymnasium. On the last day, Brianna told me that she did have a crush on me and that she didn’t tell me because she didn’t want things to be weird between us. I would have preferred upfront honesty. Oh well, we still had a blast together and we will get to again because she is coming!

Deanna Giles – Quite a mouthy brat. To everybody. Except for me. Her and I made a connection right off. She was quite a bit younger than her two sisters. Not really a woman, but more of a girl still so we would hang out and do stuff appropriate to her age like talk about her favorite subject, guys. She had just discovered them and was all about them. Especially movie stars. I am interested to see what she thought of the twighlight epidemic. She is coming again and it will be neat to see how she has changed and grown.

It really is like stepping into a different world for me. There are these people that you are locked in a building with because of the crime rate for x hours a day and all you see is them. Somebody asked me if I missed my family and honestly, I hadn’t thought about them at all for like a week at that point. I get so absorbed into just this small period of time and these few people and the present and it’s focus that all the details of my life outside of that become unimportant. I think that’s why it’s so easy for God to work in me then.

I am super pumped and excited have Him work in me again because He always does something amazing and I can’t wait to see what it is this year, and I am super excited to be used by Him. I can’t think of anything better at the moment! I can’t wait to meet the crew that is going this year the new people and the old people I been with and start building relationships with them!

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