more days

18—– until I see you again. I get to spend a week with you.
And then we visit my parents that weekend.

Our camping trip will be super and relaxing. It marks the beginning of us never being apart again. I can’t wait to spend that much time with you. Then school starts and we get to see each other every day. Christmas together. Life together. That sounds better than just about anything right now.

“Hey! Let’s spend the entire summer hundreds of miles apart!” Stupidest idea ever. Freaking EVER!





40—- more days

Noah and the animals taking shelter in the ark.

“Hey! Let’s spend the rest of life together!” Deal! Best idea ever.

And I love you so much and the One who made all this possible. Who made us possible.

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One Response to more days

  1. I wish that your phone were on and that you were over here right now.

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