Oh my freaking gosh. So yesterday, I went and got some work for today. I wound up changing the brakes on some guy’s truck and pulling weeds for a lady. As I was walking around knocking on doors looking for work, there were several people who were themselves unemployed. On guy in particular I remember. He was about my age. I knocked on the door and he got up from the couch and came over. He had been watching some show on TV. “No man, I’m unemployed too. I’m in the same boat you’re in. I need a job too. Real bad, man. I’m broke. This collecting unemployment almost doesn’t put food on the table.” I left and he went over and plopped back down on the couch.

DUDE!!! If you are unemployed and needing money, then why aren’t you doing what I’m doing? Get your lazy butt off the freaking couch, turn off the TV and do what I’m doing. GET A JOB!

It’s lazy people who should have to experience hunger. They need some kind of motivation.

By the way, you can’t afford to buy yourself food, but you can afford to pay how many dollars a month for your satellite TV?

Oh yeah, and it’s my tax dollars that make it so that you can sit on your lazy butt all day and collect unemployment. You’re welcome.

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