a better love

So I was thinking about how true our hearts are. I’m thinking about loving others and loving God.

How good of a job am I doing of loving the One who gave me existence? Do I give Him any reason to be jealous of my love? Do I give my love to something else when it should belong to Him? Do I give Him just enough to not satisfy but leave Him craving more? In His love is a beautiful place to be. It’s beautiful here.

It’s about time. And how about time? I take time out of my day for people, for activities, for sleeping, for eating, for school, for fun, but do I take time for the important relationships in my life? How about the most important relationship, for Him? He is the most important relationship in my life, and ultimately all I need, yet how many times do I push our time aside to make way for something else? Because I’m too busy? Fortunately, my priorities are straighter now, and it doesn’t happen so frequently.

One thing I have been praying for the past month is that He would show me ways to love Millie better. Her specifically, but others too. How can I be a better friend? A better mate? A better support for those who need or want it? Number one is being right with God. Seriously, if that relationship is healthy, then we are doing our part to make the other relationships in our life flourish.

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