infinitely more

Prayer and Praise tonight was so good. It was so good to be with a bunch of people who adore God and are together to sing praise to Him. It will be even better when all the people who are just there because they wanted to try it out get weeded out and all that is left is the ones who know why they come.

Seriously, God, You are so big and so good and powerful and just, and I love knowing that I belong to You. It would make me sick to be anywhere else. I am so sorry for all the times that I repeatedly turn down what You have to offer in exchange for some instant gratification or a moment with my pride. But Your love just keeps coming because it has a limitless source. You are like flowers and I am like mud. The flowers cover up the ugliness of the mud and give it a worthwhile reason for it’s existence. Everything that You are in me is all that is beautiful, and I want so bad to live this whole life through just living and loving and bringing You glory. Help my life to glorify You in all I think and say and do and in all my interactions with others.

I want to sing more praise songs. I want to make one up for You. I talk to You all the time, but I don’t tell You often enough how wonderful You are. I can’t even quantify my love for You, and I know that You love me infinitely more.

You are LOVE! I am in Love Himself.

Thank You times infinity.

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