Hmmm. I got a lot to do. Homework, exams, my sister’s car is busted. A seal just went out on my truck that will take at least a day to fix and about $80. My computer’s breaking. Everything is falling apart like it’s junk or something. My bank account is about $1500 lower than I like it to be. My room is a mess, and I need to take a shower. I have 2 classes that I hate and are a pain in the butt. I am getting fat. I miss my grandpa super bad.

Solutions: Do homework, take exams. Kita’s car is in the process of being fixed. The seal is fixable and I know what I am doing because I have done it before, it just takes time and finding tools and I can ride my bike in the meantime. My computer only has to last 3 more months. Stop spending money and start working more. Clean my room. Pass the stupid classes so you don’t have to take them again. Eat better and exercise. Supposedly I will get to see grandpa in December and hopefully sooner.

I told Millie about trying not to get so caught up in life, and this is one of those situations where I need do what I know I should and that is to focus on the things that are really important. Am I loving God and am I loving people? Cause not a lot matters besides that.

And so, God, this is me submitting my problems to You. Thanks for making them seem ridiculously small. Help me to focus on loving others. P.S. I think You are incomprehensively amazing, and thank You also that Millie and I are finally engaged and for putting us together in the first place. I love You and thank You for loving me first.

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