Dear Millie,

I think you need to know some things. I honestly didn’t ever think I would be with somebody like you. Being single rocks, but being with you makes being single seem like living life in a cramped, stinky garbage can by comparison. You make life so much better for me. Thank you for being such a good friend and lover. Of all the people in the world, you are my favorite to hang out with. Of all the girls, you are the prettiest to me. I love your laugh. I love it when you are ridiculous and random. When you cry, my heart breaks into so many pieces, and when you laugh, I can’t help but smile inside. You make me happy without even trying to do anything special. Just being you is all it takes. The way you process things will never cease to amaze me. You hurt for things that it is right to hurt for. You always long for what is right. You have no idea how attractive that is to me. That is one of the ways that I see God in you. Sometimes, we will be talking or hanging out and you will say or do something that couldn’t be anything else but streaks of our Creator hidden throughout your being and it shines so bright that I am sure my heart gets a tan from the radiance. I love you, and I love the way that God made you. It still seems crazy that I am actually engaged to you. In 240 days, we will be married, and I get to live the rest of life with you! I can hardly think of anything better. You are so so comfortable to be around. I love how independent you are. I love it when you’re clingy. I love your moodiness. I love knowing that I can trust you with anything, and it’s as safe as you can possibly keep it. I love knowing that you stand up for me. You are always there for me to the best of your ability, and I promise to try to do the same for you. You are beautiful. Your eyes and hair are perfect. Your freckles are constellations on your face and arms. You are very cuddly, a super bonus. Thinking about you makes me happy in much the same way that thinking about God makes me happy. Two beings which I love in excess and I can’t get enough of. I am so thankful that God #1 made you, #2 put you in my life, because you are pure gold. You will be my wife, and I will be your husband! AAAHHH!!! TOO GOOD!

I pretty much think you are the greatest, and I will always love you, no matter what. I mean that with all my heart.

Your promised man

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