file cabinet

ON my mind:

Cheesecake, olive garden. Sleep. Bike ride.
NO HOMEWORK IN 3 months!!!!
Last night, when we were cuddling, I had so much adrenaline pumping through me. How do you do that?
I want to be closer to Kita.
I wish I had some leftover lasagna right now.
Rachel said “It’s dumb that Lacy wants me around when Millie is the one that he’s going to marry.” I don’t follow that logic.
Mi Casita is awesome.
I need to eat out less often.
I really liked your wordpress blog and I want to start one like that with pictures and a nice layout like that. I don’t know if I would have time to update it a lot, but it was quite pleasant to read earlier. Xanga is seriously old fashioned, and I don’t like the new chat thingy.
I haven’t driven my truck for such a long time. When we hopefully move up north, it will sure come in handy when we get 3 feet of snow, though. My speakers are shot and I need new ones.
This job is going to be so cool. I love teaching and getting to know the students, and researching sounds pretty neat, too. I think I am mostly looking forward to putting in 8 hours and then not having to worry about homework at this particular moment.
Getting married to you will rock for so many reasons. Top five things at the moment: Cooking for you. Being that close to you. Sleeping beside/with you. Seeing you every morning. Coming home to you. I don’t want to stop at five but there they are. Seriously, lets pick a rainy day and make good soup and homade bread and eat and watch movies and read books and sleep and cuddle and play legos all day.

Wow, I just realized that like one third of the things on my list have to do with food. I think I am hungry. I wish I was rich and Micasita was just around the corner, because I would have a burrito with beef, queso, pico, and rice on it. Instead, though, I think I’ll have some juice and something else if I can figure out what. Man, I wish you were here.

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