What I want, you don’t

I don’t mind staying friends with you … just friends that don’t hang out or talk. I really am a busy person, and for now I’m just looking for a good time, meaning sexual type of stuff & I know you don’t like that. Now that I’m finally over my ex, I’m just looking for that kind of fun again … I’m only 22, and I only have one life to live (even though it’s not my God’s plan for me sometime). I’m sure you didn’t even notice on Sunday, but I dressed that way for a reason and you didn’t fall for it; that’s how I know that I don’t want to be friends with you. I also know that one of the biggest hints a girl could ever give, is touch a guy’s arm & you didn’t get that either. That’s partly why, right now that I don’t want to talk … but also because, what I want — you don’t. Anyway, I’ll ttyl. Have a good week.


Even though it hurt so much when I received this, I still sometimes miss the time we spent together and all the fun we had.

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1 Response to What I want, you don’t

  1. Babe, I don’t understand…

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