I agree with Dorothy.

Come with me, we’ll go some place where we can’t be tempted with lies.
Where we need not hide behind our eyes.
We’ll hide under a tin roof and listen to rain and heartbeats.
A friend of mine is a watchmaker,
and he mailed me some time.
I’ve got enough to share,
and you’ve been on my mind.
So let’s go for a walk where trails lead through knee high grass.
Let’s lie on a blanket and watch the parade of animals pass
overhead in the form of clouds.
It isn’t the place where dreams come true.
This is the place where dreams that come true are made.
Be with me forever.
When night throws its covers over us again, the stars can kiss our foreheads.
We don’t need to speed it up or slow it down,
heaven knows we don’t know how.
We don’t need to chase after the moon.
We can have dreams
of impossible schemes.
Heartache can chase itself for a change.
The sunshine slipped a note beneath our door this morning.
It said it was ok for us to stay between our sheets because it would be back tomorrow.
It doesn’t matter how much we can take
or where we have gone
or whether we can find our way back in.
If there’s something lost,
We’ll find it again.
We’ll always find each other again.
It doesn’t matter how much we can take,
it is just the same lines all over again,
The chorus of the song that plays when you are gone.
Yet, somehow, surprise is written all over the face
in the mirror when I see I’ve made it through another day again.
Tell me it’s too beautiful to waste.
I cry if you hurt because I love you so.
Time has come again for me.
It’s about time.
You’ve become what’s home to me.
Dorothy said it best.
There’s no place like home.

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