(one of these days, I am going to look up on the internet and see how to post a picture in xanga…)

Reasons why today was better than yesterday:


Eating right – nothing but salad, fruit, and protien

Working out – 1 hour of power 

Star gazing – meteor showers, and a cool clear night

Prayer time – Under the stars with just me and You

Getting to help someone else – multiple people, infact, makes both of our day’s better

Lowered/different expectectations – Saga was good! Better than average! Plus other stuff.

Perspective – It aint about me.

Due dates changed in Spanish 4 – everything is now due at the end of the semester, and I got one assignment cut in half.

Getting work with Randy today rather than with incompetence – enough said, and besides, today was my favorite lab day anyway

Free breakfast – can’t complain

Did good on my psych exam – always a plus

Reversion to default priorities – It doesn’t matter how much money I have or will have. It doesn’t matter if things go the way I want them to. It matters if they go how God wants them too.

Check from verizon – cause I paid too much on my last cell phone bill. Now verizon will pay for date night tomorrow.

Neckrub from Kita – that was awesome, and I have been needing one pretty badly for a couple of days which made it doubly awesome.


I hope Millie does well on her map quiz tomorrow. I remember taking that class and how much I hated it. I’m glad that Kita enjoyed the dinner at Maggard’s church, too. I’m glad Annabelle is doing better. I have only 14 more days of school.

Funny how life can do an about face on me sometimes. You always do that, and I guess I should consciously expect it. I have hope and it’s all in You. Thank You. Thank You for the tough times that teach me to appreciate even the small good things you send my way. I love You like none other.


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