Well, I called Maria today to buy the car, and it turns out that she sold it at 2:00am this morning. Which was really weird because I woke up at 2:00 am and suddenly had a feeling that it had been sold. So I told her that if the buyers backed out to give me a call, and I would buy it. I guess I am pretty at peace about the whole thing, though. If it works out, then good, and if not, then I guess that’s God saying no. And as much as I like that car, I would be OK with that.

I changed the fuel pump in my truck today, and that feels really good. Also I have been running, and it feels good to work out a bit, too, although a mile a day is not much compared to whatever is usual. I am super excited about the house and lofts in the house. I talked to Martin, and we are gonna turn on the electricity soon. And I went to Harbor freight today, (they didn’t have paint brushes, so we will just get them from walmart) and looked at wood working tools. For less than $200, I can have brand new tools of just about everything I would need for the house. That includes a power miter saw, a power drill, a power circular saw, and a power sawsall. It might sound like a lot, but they are really nice and would cost $100 a piece from anywhere else. I think it is a good investment. Especially if we are going to do a lot of woodwork. Micasita was sure good today. I’m not really looking forward to getting up at 6:00 am tomorrow. Especially not to eating yellow poop.

Man I got a lot to do at work. But, thank God I am on hourly rather than salary, cause when I got my 39 hours in, I am going home! Haha

And as much as I miss you and making out with you, it sure feels good to know that we have been good for a couple of days in a row.

Hey girl. I love you. 3 months and 4 days. Beautiful. There is nobody I would rather be with.


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