take me back

God, I’m sorry. Please take me back. I am sick of being far from You. I’m sick of searching for fulfillment in the wrong places. I want to be where I was, with You. So this is it. I’m diving headlong into You knowing You will catch me. God, thank You for sending people my way with encouraging words when I feel like I’m at the bottom of all there is. Thank You for providing hope. Thank You for loving me in spite of the million ways I fail You each day. Thanks for always waiting there with Your arms outstretched. I’m no good for anybody in my default state. You are the only good in me, and I want more of You. So here I am presenting you my screwed up, stinking, wretched, half dead self. Wash the grime away and nurse me back to health. I want to fight in Your army again. I am Yours. I am so thirsty for You that I am dizzy. Fill me up. I am Yours. I want You more than anything else.

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