imageI was born in 1984 in Elkhart, Kansas. I grew up living and loving the farm and ranch life. I always enjoyed putting things together with my hands and figuring out better ways to build stuff. I was homeschooled until I graduated with a 4.0 at age 16. I then attended Northwest Kansas Technical College for 3 years studying welding and general engineering. I graduated from the one year welding program at the top of my class with a 4.0, and later graduated from the two year engineering program at the top of my class with a 4.0 again. After this time, I took about a year off to help my grandparents on the farm while my Grandma was sick with cancer. In fall of 2005, I attended LeTourneau University in Longview, TX where I eventually graduated in 2010 with a Major in Youth Ministry, a minor in Psychology, and a minor in Biblical Studies, as well as a whole slew of mechanical and welding engineering classes. A year after I started at LETU, I began teaching the welding portion of a freshman level class. I continued to teach this class until the spring of 2012. I also taught an introductory class on robotic welding and programming. In 2010, I believe it was, I was hired as the University Welding Research Laboratory manager. I vastly enjoyed this job, all except the sometimes hectic and odd hours. I loved learning so much about the science and engineering behind welding as well as heading up the research and basically making welding history, but Texas never really felt like home. I was married in 2011 to an amazing woman. In 2012, I took a job as the welding instructor at the Northwest Kansas Technical College, and I have been here since. I love my job. I love my wife. I love my life.


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